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Kowon's new MSP-209 video glasses -- is the future here yet?

Paul Miller
Paul Miller|@futurepaul|May 10, 2006 11:57 PM
Ever since we were wee little bloggers we've longed for the days of video glasses, but nothing so far has been quite ergonomic enough, enjoyable enough, or non-nauseating enough to actually justify a purchase or warrant regular use. We can't say Kowon's new MSP-209 video glasses will solve any of those problems, but the $200 price ain't bad, and they claim the unit's micro LCDs are the smallest and lightest available. The whole unit weighs a mere two ounces, and displays video at QVGA, perfect for showing the phone DMB broadcasts that Kowon is targeting the device for. Supposedly the MSP-209 simulates a 32-inch TV at around 7 feet away and can run on its lithium polymer batter for around 8 hours between recharging. The display should be available in Korea next week, with Europe, Japan and China releases coming sometime next month. No word on a US release (surpise, surprise), but Kowon does mention that a VGA version should follow later this year.

[Via Mobile Mentalism]