White PSP in Europe next week

Jennie Lees
J. Lees|05.10.06

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White PSP in Europe next week
White PSP in Europe next week
While everyone's still reeling from the PS3 price announcement, UK gamers who want some shiny new Sony hardware before the PS3 launches are in luck. Sony has announced that the Ceramic White PSP will finally be released in Europe next Monday (May 15), with an expected retail price of £179.99 in the UK (€249).

As of June there will also be a range of Platinum UMDs, with titles like Everybody's Golf available for £19.99 (€24.99). As if that's not enough, a range of Lonely Planet-produced city guides, to be called Planet PSP, will arrive this autumn; also, in the near future we'll see PlayStation Spot appearing in Europe.
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