Sony unveils first alpha DSLR

Sony has taken the wraps off of the company's first Alpha DSLR camera and, as expected, the digicam appears to be largely based on designs from Konica Minolta, and supports all lenses that work with Konica Minolta's earlier DSLRs, the Maxxum 5D and 7D. At this point, Sony is being coy about key details, like the digicam's megapixel count or actual launch date, but the company does say the camera is still expected to ship this summer, and that it plans to release 20 new lens models over the course of the next year -- which should be a relief to any 5D and 7D owners who were worried that they'd have to toss their gear on eBay and switch to -- shudder -- Nikon or Canon.

Update: According to Sony, "final photography" for the first Alpha model "has not been finalized yet." So, assume that what you see above is subject to change, and may end up looking completely different by the time Sony releases it. Kind of like the Playstation 3's "boomerang" controller.

[Thanks, David]