Joystiq @ E3: May 12, 2006

Ross Miller
R. Miller|05.13.06

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Ross Miller
May 13th, 2006
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Joystiq @ E3: May 12, 2006
Joystiq @ E3: May 12, 2006
Well, it's finally over, and right now the entire Joystiq team is packing up and heading home -- be it Philly or Atlanta, Britain or South Africa. We're exhausted, and we still have a lot to write up from the show floor. But for now, while we enjoy some in-flight snacking and bad films, here are the highlights for the final day of E3:

Best of the Best

Video: Shigeru Miyamoto Interview

Baten Kaitos Origins release notes
Frame City Killer killed; RPG to replace it in lineup

Xbox 360 accessory pricing

DK King of Swing
Resistance Fall of Man
2006 FIFA World Cup
Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam
Joystiq Booth Babe Tour

Booth Tours
Magic the Gathering

"Teamkilling is fun"
"We're your props"
"Why no DS Lites?"
"That @!#$! in the Yoshi shirt cut in line"
Spore > WoW
Vox Populi: What are your thoughts on the PS3 prices?
A trumpet fade out

We've saved the best for last -- click "Continued" to check out our coverage of the convention culture:

Other Joystiquery / Convention Culture
Girl gamers applaud choice
Geometry Wars superstar shoots for millions
Paris Hilton creates a mob scene
A message to MMOs
Not for kids
Wanna try a MMO? The first hit's free
Hollywood Video manager rages against Sony's machine
Super Mario Brother
Developer spotting: Warren Spector
E3 scavenger hunt update: 5 hours to go!
Gamer/pianist makes sweet music at BradyGames
Slickest move at E3
Molyneux's Fable 2 dance recital at E3
Wii stampede crushes Joystiq blogger
Sony's PS3 is still $600
Competitive Brain Age: Joystiq pwns
Waiting for Wii: And I'll form the head!
Waiting for Wii: Bring your DS
Waiting for Wii: When box babes attack
Meet the guy at the end of the Wii line
Introducing the Joystiq Luchador
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