Sony's AR11S 17-inch Blu-ray Vaios due mid June?

We've already heard of Sony's plans to pack a Blu-ray drive into one of their Vaio notebooks by the middle of the year, and that looks to be coming to fruition with this new AR11S 17-incher. A tipster gave us this ad clipping from the UK, and the details look pretty solid, as does the laptop's design -- if only a little bulky, which we suppose is to be expected. From this ad and from looking around a bit, the laptop looks like it will have a 2GHz Core Duo processor, dual 200GB HDDs, a TV tuner, 1920 x 1080 WUXGA 17-inch LCD, NVIDIA's GeForce Go GT 7600 256MB graphics, Bluetooth, WiFi, dual S-Video out, and Windows Media center. We're not quite sure why the ad lists the laptop as "Full HD (1080i)" when the LCD is capable of 1080p, and after Sony has so clearly stated that "True HD," at least, is 1080p. The bigger story, literally, is that the laptop will weigh in at a hefty 8.4 pounds, and cost an even heftier chunk of change: $3732. It's UK bound for now, but crazy price or not, we hope it makes it over to the US by mid June if only as a reminder of the incredible bargain that is the PS3.

[Thanks, Gaurav]