PC impressions: Re-Mission

Ross Miller
R. Miller|05.17.06

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Ross Miller
May 17th, 2006
PC impressions: Re-Mission
PC impressions: Re-Mission
Surprisingly fun. Re-Mission is a third-person shooter from Hope Labs where you play Roxxi, a cancer-killing nanobot, as she moves through the human body hunting down and destroying cancer cells. In the one level we played, we were informed that we must kill all the lymph node cells. However, the catch is that we must spare all the white blood cells, so one must be careful to aim precisely.  The control scheme hearkens back to Descent, which works well -- the mouse aims, the keyboard moves through 3D space. There are multiple weapons, the voice acting and tongue-in-cheek dialogue works, and the visuals are pretty. We found ourselves enjoying this game, despite its academic value.

While playing the title at the Games for Health booth, we also learned of the research done around this game. Among cancer patients who played Re-Mission (as opposed to those who just played other games):
  • Their cancer knowledge increased.
  • Their reported quality of life increased.
  • Their self-efficacy (how well they come to terms with their situation) increased.
  • Their antibiotic usage increased.
  • Their consumption of oral chemotherapy stayed consistent, whereas the control group declined in taking their medication.
The facts are impressive and praise-worthy, but what sets this game apart is its general entertainment value and mass appeal. Take away its connection to cancer research, and you still have a fun title. You can view a trailer and order the game through the game's website.

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