Where's J Allard? Working at Wal-Mart

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Where's J Allard? Working at Wal-Mart
Where's J Allard? Working at Wal-Mart

When we interviewed Peter Moore at E3 we asked him right away, "Where's J Allard?" Peter said he was riding BMX bikes or some such nonsense, whereas Dean Takahashi says he's been working on a top secret Xbox portable project. Turns out they were both wrong: J's been busy making guest appearances on television's The Apprentice! That's a pretty public showing ... so is he the face of the 360 or not? Really, I'm confused.

On Monday's episode of The Apprentice, J was there to judge the results of the contestant's Xbox 360 Wal-Mart displays. You can check out photos and a summary of the show on NBC's website, or download the show from iTunes (link). Heads up to NBC, it's "J" not "Jay." It's not spelled out like Homer's middle name, it's just a letter. Why? 'Cause it's just cooler that way, okay?

[Via GamerBabble]

(Update: Corrected my Homer-history. D'oh!)
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