Revised GP2X MK2 now available

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Donald Melanson
May 22, 2006 2:51 PM
Revised GP2X MK2 now available
A new revision of the GP2X handheld is now available, sporting a few minor changes that should make new buyers happy but are probably not enough to make you regret your purchase if you just bought one. The new version, dubbed MK2, comes pre-loaded with the V2 firmware, a larger "more grippy" joystick, a pre-attached screen cover, and two game demos (Vektar and Payback). Although considering you can already upgrade your old GP2X to the new firmware and download the game demos for free, you're basically getting a screen cover and a better joystick. But if you've gotta have that extra grippiness, the GP2X MK2 will cost you about $170.

[Thanks, Craig]
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