I4U Reviews DISH's ViP 622 HD DVR [Update]

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|05.24.06

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Ben Drawbaugh
May 24th, 2006
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I4U Reviews DISH's ViP 622 HD DVR [Update] image
I4U Reviews DISH's ViP 622 HD DVR [Update] image
DISH 622
It seems that DIRECTV has been slipping for some time and now with this week's rumor about DISH adding more HD channels this review couldn't have come at a better time for those considering a switch.

For some time one of the reasons to stick with DIRECTV is because of the HD TiVo, even with all its problems it is still one of the best HD DVRs out there, after reading this review it doesn't appear to me that this has changed yet. In Dennis's review he raves about the 622, but doesn't seem to care much about the fact that you can't record two HD channels at once, or can you? According to him you can't, but we tried to verify this and only became more confused. Maybe an HD Beat reader can chime in with some first hand knowledge. Jason let us know you can record 3 HD shows at once, two via Satellite and one OTA while playing back a third.

Just like the new 2Wire Homezone box the 622 supports two TVs and two remotes, but only one can be a HDTV. Highlights include HDMI, S-Video, Component and TiVo like scheduling, as well as a 30 second skip.

It is nice that the box is available for lease, but evidently DISH will only lease you one of them.

[Update added multiple recording capability.]
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