Jens Nylander is back with Jays

Ryan Block
R. Block|05.23.06

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Jens Nylander is back with Jays
After having the rug pulled from underneath Jens of Sweden by CopySwede for not paying blood money royalties for copying audio to blank media (such as their MP3 players), and then kinda sorta transforming the company to Jens of Switzerland, it looks like Apple smack talkin' audio rebel Jens Nylander's making due on his promise to "still continue to sell digital products" with his latest company, Jays -- except this time he's not making MP3 players, but instead sound-isolating headphones. We couldn't easily tell from their early prototype images (like the one above), mockups, diagrams, or press release what it is that Jays headphones do differently than, say, some Shures or Etymotics, but according to Jays their phones won't have consumers paying "hundreds of dollars" for their isolated audio experience. Guess we'll all find out the deets come June 12th when Jens pulls the curtain on Jays.

Update: Jens gave us a ring and sent over the above conceptual drawing of the squid-like q-JAYS (Quattro), which won't be what they're unveiling in June, but will supposedly be launched in 2007.
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