Working OLPC prototype gets its close-up

We still miss the crank, and had sort of gotten used to the lime green color scheme. But we have to admit that seeing an actual working prototype of the computer from Nicholas Negroponte's One Laptop Per Child initiative beats all of the mockups we've been looking at for the past year or so. We don't have any specs (other than the fact that it's clearly running Fedora Linux), but from the looks of it, Negroponte has clearly done a decent job at making this kid-friendly. And the keyboard, while small, doesn't look a whole lot worse than the one on the new MacBook. If this puppy can be outfitted with WiFi, one of Samsung's new NAND drives and a couple of USB ports, customers from the industrial world may just order enough of them to subsidize that $100 price tag for developing countries (if Negroponte is willing to let us buy them, that is).

[Via BoingBoing]

Update: We also heard from a reliable source that final versions of the PCshouldprobably have a more fleshed out Red Hat build installed, and will have WiFi. We'll let you know more as we do!