Samsung's Q30-SSD with 32GB flash drive on sale in June!

Mark you calendars kids, 'cause June marks the commercial introduction of Samsung's solid state laptop. Sammy just announced that their sweet, sweet NAND-based Q30-SSD we first got down and dirty with at CeBIT will hit the shelves in Korea (only) from early June onward. Yeah, it'll fetch a steep $3,700 US-equiv (a roughly $900 premium) on that aging 1.2GHz Celeron M Q30 platform, but that 32GB of NAND reads 300 percent faster (53MB/s) and write 150 percent quicker (28MB/s) than normal hard drives while offering better protection against shock, 25-50% faster boots and sleep recovery times, longer battery life and reduced weight all in a completely silent, fanless package. Hoozah! Man oh man, the emergence of these high-capacity NAND drives coupled with the January release of Samsung's NAND augmented hybrid hard drives (HHDs) is nothing but good for us laptop speed junkies.

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