Hybrid hard drives (HHDs) shipping January: faster boots, longer battery

We've been wondering what impact those next generation hybrid hard drives (HHDs) for notebooks and PCs would have on performance and battery life ever since they were announced at WinHEC 2005. Well, Samsung just released some more details saying these new solid state NAND and platter spinnin' hybrids will save 8-25 seconds on boot and extend battery life by 8-10%. In other words, new HHDs will boot or resume up to twice as fast as conventional hard disk drives, last 20-30 minutes longer on battery and are up to five times more reliable. Yeah, big benefits and at only "minimal additional cost" according to Samsung's press release. Sammy will begin to "sample" these new HHDs to customers beginning July with full product launch expected in January, or whenever those Vista machines with ReadyDrive begin to ship. And yeah, it's official, these new drives will be on display at WinHEC in both 128MB and 256MB cache densities at WinHEC 2006 next week just like we heard.

[Thanks, Chuckles M.]