Microsoft plans update to "misleading" Vista Upgrade Advisor

Marc Perton
M. Perton|05.26.06

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Microsoft plans update to "misleading" Vista Upgrade Advisor
If you've been frustrated because Microsoft's Vista Upgrade Advisor gave your blazing-fast, three-month-old, $10,000, gaming monster PC a bad rating, you're not alone. In addition to consumers, chipmakers such as VIA and AMD have commented to Microsoft about the program's deficiencies. Now, Microsoft, admitting that the results can be "misleading," plans to revise the tool, including changes to the user interface to make information more accessible, and possibly fine-tuning the results so that they're more in line with standard industry benchmarks. So, if your PC flunked the test, your best bet is to wait a while before splurging on upgrades -- besides, it's not like you don't have plenty of time before you'll need to be Vista-compatible.
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