Netflix back on track for 2006 online downloads

Ryan Block
R. Block|05.27.06

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Netflix back on track for 2006 online downloads image
Netflix back on track for 2006 online downloads image
RSS feeds for NetFlixWe have a pretty good idea why it's taking Netflix so long to put the net flicks in, um, Netflix, but it's good to hear they're still working toward internet distributed content. According to a BusinessWeek profile of the company, despite the fact that 'flix boss Reed Hastings "doesn't buy the idea that Web movie downloads will wipe Netflix out," they'll still be launching downloadable content by year's end. We all know their limitations are more Hollywood-political than technical by this point -- this is 2006, remember? -- which is why we're hoping that with their own entertainment group buying exclusive rights to movies left and right, even if they can't sway the studios like CinemaNow or MovieLink, they'll still be able to play the game. Now the real question is will it be fair and flexible DRM, or will it be the typical ridiculous, arcane walled-garden experience we're seeing now? well, with any luck we'll be finding out in 2006.

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