Nokia E62 on Cingular soon

Ryan Block
R. Block|05.31.06

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We're sorry to say we don't have a price or release date for you, but a little birdie told us Cingular's business unit's going to very soon be getting Nokia's QWERTY hotness, the E62 (that little birdie also supplied us a picture). Unfortunately it won't be UMTS (sigh) or have WiFi, as we knew, but it'll still have quad-band GPRS / EDGE, Good, MS Direct Push, BlackBerry Connect, XpressMail, just about every Bluetooth profile imaginable, Symbian 9.1 / S60 3.0, and all the hardware we've come to expect: 235MHz CPU, 32MB RAM and 160MB flash, MiniSD, QVGA 256k color display, and USB mass storage support. We'd say it's safe to assume you can expect this in the very near future; we'll keep you posted.
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