Alienware's Aurora 7500 first to offer AMD LIVE!

We're sure this whole all-caps "LIVE!" thing is going to get old after a while, but for now we'll revel in AMD's attempt at a Viiv competitor and bother you with all sorts of systems based on it. Alienware has not only packed this new spec into their new Aurora 7500 and Area-51 7500 desktops, but are throwing in a Blu-ray drive as well to sweeten the deal. As with Viiv, most of the LIVE! spec is based around a bunch of vague multimedia buzz words, but the LIVE! software package seems like it'll make a decent addition to a WMCE PC, and it really can't hurt anything. Otherwise the specs stay true to their recently announced Aurora ALX roots, including quad SLI, liquid cooling, and of course some AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 to compensate for something power your exciting and fulfilling life. We specced a 7500 for what we guess is LIVE! compatibility (they're not actually letting you order 'em yet, though the Blu-ray drives are available now) for around $4300, so we suggest you get saving.

[Via BIOS]