AMD Live! goes live

When Intel announced Viiv, no one had any idea what the hell they were talking about (in fact, we still don't). Then AMD re-announced their Live! strategy at CES, about which we also didn't really have any freaking clue. Well, now we have a clue, thanks AMD; Live! is a (gasp) entertainment platform that will use a number of applications to create a more immersive, improved multimedia experience designed around their existing Athlon64 X2. Those applications, you ask? Well, they're mostly software rebadges: AMD LIVE! On Demand powered by Orb Networks, AMD LIVE! Network Magic, AMD LIVE! Compress, AMD LIVE! LogMeIn, and AMD LIVE! Media Vault. So it's basically Viiv -- nebulous multimedia software suite + CPU / platform -- but AMD style, which we more or less knew. Expect Live! PCs from "leading OEMs including Acer, Alienware, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Gateway, HP, Sahara, and Tsinghua Tongfang." Oh, you know we will!

[Via PC Mag]