Has-beens, wannabes unite to launch LG CU500

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|06.02.06

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Has-beens, wannabes unite to launch LG CU500
"Ms. Berkley, this is so-and-so with Cingular Wireless. We'd like to have you come down to Mr. Chow for a few minutes, pose with a new phone we're launching, smile, maybe answer a few questions about your illustrious career, and generally act like you give a crap. We'll snap a few photos and throw in a couple hundred bucks to make it worth your time. Whadya say?" We're guessing LG's CU500 HSDPA video-calling clamshell is getting ready to roll, now that Hollywood's B-list has come out in full force to promote it. We've never been so attracted to Elizabeth Berkley in our lives.

[Thanks, Jonathan]
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