Disney, Shanda bring online content to China

Alan Rose
A. Rose|06.02.06

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Alan Rose
June 2nd, 2006
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Disney teams with Shanda
Disney teams with Shanda
Disney teams with ShandaThe Walt Disney Internet Group will be teaming with Shanda Interactive (Legend of Mir) to produce a new online game in China featuring popular Disney characters. No details have been revealed, but both companies are targeting casual and female gaming demographics, which means Chinese hardcore gamers shouldn't expect Mir, Pirates of the Caribbean, or even Kingdom Hearts-style gameplay. Mickey and friends have found a home in China because of Disney's wholesome image and its family appeal, so it's a safe bet this new game will emphasize those sentiments.

Shanda Chairman and CEO Tianqiao Chen believes this partnership is integral to his company's strategy of maintaining fresh content in China's increasingly competitive online market: "The Disney brand and its lineup of animated characters are already popular in China, and through this agreement we bring this well-known content to China's online game community in the form of an exciting new casual game." A beta is expected next Spring.

Shanda is also the Chinese operator for Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach.

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