Comments are off? Yep. Back soon? Yep.

Updated ·1 min read

Seems like some people are a little confused about the comment situation here at Engadget. We posted this notice earlier in the week, but to bring the rest of you up to speed, we had to turn off comments for a little while because of the unacceptable level of noise / spam / junk / flaming / rudeness going on throughout our boards.

Of course, now we're getting a lot of people emailing us asking us politely to please turn them back on. Well, we had no intention of leaving them off permanently (see above post), but until we can get a little more software in place to help us deal with this situation, we still have to keep 'em off. Expect comments again this coming week, ok? Thanks for bearing with us everyone, please know that this is just because want to make Engadget's user experience the best it can be.