Controversial Arturito bot survives scientific testing

Evan Blass
E. Blass|06.04.06

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Controversial Arturito bot survives scientific testing
There was some understandable skepticism last time we brought you news of the amazing, seemingly physics-defying robot nicknamed Arturito -- yes, it's supposed to sound like R2D2 -- which has managed to find buried bones, hidden treasure, and underground mineral deposits at depths previously thought to be inaccessible with current technology. Tired of all the potshots from the scientific community (one professor called the machine's supposed ability to analyze a nuclear signal reflected from multi-hundred-foot depths "delirious"), the rather unphotogenic inventor Manuel Salinas brought what's formally known as the "Geo-Radar" system to Chile's Universidad Tecnológico Metropolitano for testing -- and wouldn't you know it, the darn thing actually works. Even though the bot will surely continue to have its detractors, its almost perfect accuracy in finding deep copper deposits during the university trial has convinced the most important folks of all that Arturito is the real deal: the eager businesspeople who are throwing cash at Salinas to get their hands on one.

[Via Cnet]
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