The EEM-GTMS-300BK finger mouse

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Donald Melanson
June 3, 2006 11:21 AM
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The EEM-GTMS-300BK finger mouse
Being that we're not precisely masters of the Japanese language -- written or spoken (that's why we have Engadget Japan after all) -- we're not even sure who the makes this thing, but it looks like the cleverly named EEM-GTMS-300BK finger mouse is now available (at least across the Pacific). The mouse straps onto your finger, and it should work on any surface thanks to the 800 dpi optical sensor, not unlike your run of the mill optical mouse. The device itself weighs 35 grams and, as you can see, isn't wireless, although you can convientently (and we use the word loosely here, people) wrap up the cable with the finger strap. It also appears to be Windows only, but doesn't require a specialized driver and is shown plugged into a Mac, so who knows. List price looks to be 4,980 Yen ($45US), but at least one Japanese online retailer is selling it for as little as 3,140 Yen ($28US), a real deal if this is actually something you've been looking for (and happen to live overseas).

[Via Akihabara News]
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