An in-depth review of E3 media booths

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An in-depth review of E3 media booths
An in-depth review of E3 media booths
Kyle over at Video Game Media Watch turns the spotlight back on the media's presence at E3 with an in-depth review of the big media booths that were dotted around the show floor. Here's the quick and dirty from Kyle's write-up:
  • 1UP/Ziff Davis' booth wasn't very crowded, although the free copies of EGM were popular.
  • BradyGames, the strategy guide publisher, stuck a couple of Guitar Hero 2 booths in their stall and let the crowds grow exponentially.
  • GameSpot's booth was very inaccessible. So either they were working hard, or they were playing a massive LAN game.
  • UGO couldn't hide their Geometry Wars addiction. Oh, and they stole chairs from neighboring booths.
  • G4 let people browse the web for free: free internet FTW!
Kyle goes into a lot more detail, so make sure to check out his full article.
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