AMD may not heart ATI after all

When you spread faithfully report as many rumors as we do, you're bound to be off the mark more often than not, and here it turns out that the AMD / ATI merger gossip we recently passed along is starting to look decidedly bogus. Having no "insiders" at either company ourselves, we're resigned to waiting for such publications as The Inquirer to massage their own connections, and now the Inq is reporting that sources from both camps have denied that acquisition talks are even occurring, much less that any sort of purchase is imminent. Since there was no hard evidence to support this rumor in the first place, other than some supposedly-telling supply chain checks done by RBC analyst Apjit Walia, you'll probably agree that this new information doesn't come as much of a shock. Still, seeing how ATI's steadily declining stock price took a slight upturn right after this story went public, it seems that not everyone took our recommendation to remain calm during these times of wild speculation.