$5,000 satellite "hurricane" phone for the paranoid

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$5,000 satellite "hurricane" phone for the paranoid
Well, with the recent hurricane seasons we've been having, it might not be exactly paranoid to throw together some survival gear and emergency communication equipment, but we can't help but thinking this new "Personal Hurricane Kit" from Assemble Communications is a bit of a cash-in on the hysteria. Luckily, it is a full featured cash-in. Released last month, the $5,000 device comes in a watertight suitcase which holds the battery-powered Inmarsat satellite antenna and handset. But along with making your calls, the kit allows you to connect your computer for broadband satellite Internet, making this the obvious choice for mobile professionals stuck in a bit of bad weather. The price for the 6-pound kit includes 400 minutes of talk time and 150 megabytes of Internet access, so we recommend staying away from streaming those "Lost" episodes -- as ironic as it may seem at the time.

[Via SOSD]
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