GPS datalogger captures speed, coordinates to SD

Parents looking to stalk their own children keep a watchful eye on the kids, but not interested in logging onto a website every five minutes to monitor Junior's whereabouts, can now ditch the live feed in favor of a product that lets them record their youngster's movements for later perusal. E-tailer Spark Fun Electronics has started offering a complete kit containing a GPS module, battery pack, embedded antenna, and most importantly, an SD-capable datalogger board that can capture up to 440 hours of coordinate data on a 256MB card, and display the resulting map on Google Earth. That's right, mom and dad, instead or paying for one of those commercial cellphone tracking services, simply sewing the Lassen iQ FAT16 Datalogger kit into a child's letter jacket or hiding it in their car will give you all the Big Brother-esque information you desire (including speed, for parents of lead-footed teens), and on your own time to boot. Showing your kids that extra little bit of overprotective love will set you back $140.

[Via Make]