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KidsOK - yet another cellphone-based kid-tracker

Marc Perton
Marc Perton|July 19, 2005 11:20 AM

kidsokSeems like it won't be long until just about every parent is using some sort of cellphone/RFID/GPS solution to keep track of their kids. The latest to hit the market is the KidsOK system, which uses GSM triangulation to locate kids via their cellphones. Parents can ping the phone by sending a text message to a server, which then locates the phone and unobtrusively sends a message back to the parents. The system is available in the U.K. now with service plans starting at £39.95 per year. Of course, for a system like this to work, the kids need to have their phones with them and turned on at all times. That's why we favor implants, instead.