Mitsubishi's PK-20 PocketProjector

Stan Horaczek
S. Horaczek|06.11.06

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Mitsubishi's PK-20 PocketProjector
It has been a good couple of weeks for projector enthusiasts – there has to be at least one of you out there – and now Mitsubishi is making it even better with an upgrade to their PocketProjector line. With a 550:1 contrast ratio and a native resolution of 800 x 600, the PK-20 still isn't a great choice for someone looking to make their own home theater, even with the new built-in SD card reader. But its small size (4.85-inches x 1.85-inches x 3.85-inches), optional battery pack ($199) and weight of only one-pound should make it attractive to the well-traveled business man with expense accounts that'll cover the $899 price tag.
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