Gaze detector lets you hear with your eyes

If we're not absorbing information at an alarming and astounding rate 24/7, we start feeling a little hollow and frivolous, being surrounded with all this connected technology and what not. Thankfully Manabe Hiroyuki (pictured) at NTT DoCoMo took the time to develop and create the wearable headphone gaze detector; slightly less elegant than the traditional neural implant, with this system you could not only record the goings on of your days and "bookmark" important events, but also train the cameras to feed you information about your surroundings based on QR codes or possibly eventually object recognition; think of it as augmented aural reality triggered by giving a passing glance. Shine on, you crazy diamond - -we think you might just have Masahiko Tsukamoto beat this time.

[Via pasta and vinegar]