To Masahiko Tsukamoto: we take back that Japanese Moroder crack

Masahiko Tsukamoto

Dear Masahiko Tsukamoto,

Ok, now we were going a little scary-stalkerish on you. We previously mocked —lovingly though, lovingly! — but we're just gonna say it: ok, we think you're pretty awesome, alright? There. It's true. We admit it, when we found out a little more about your contributions to technology, and how apparently you're an Associate Professor at the Department of Multimedia Engineering at Osaka University, and a former research engineer at Sharp, we were totally feeling it. And those glasses you wear are some crazy wearable 3D information system called the DataGlass 2/A, developed by "Team Tsukamoto?" Our hats go off to you, sir. You totally win.

Yours truly,

[Thanks, Nihonjintaylor]