Superman Returns director talks HD DVD extras

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Superman Returns director talks HD DVD extras image
Superman Returns director talks HD DVD extras image
Bryan Singer, director of the new movie Superman Returns did an interview with The Hollywood Reporter recently and talked a lot about the special effects technology that went into the movie, plus the inclusion of blogging for fans during the moviemaking process. Despite the fact that the movie hasn't even been released in theaters yet, he's already giving details on the DVD versions. He mentions specifically Warner's In Movie Experience (IME) technology, using the interactive technology of HD DVD (and potentially Blu-ray also) to show behind the scenes looks as well as cast interviews while the movie continues playing. He sounds pretty excited, and the feeling is catching.

This is good not just for HDTV owners to hear such things are coming down the pipe, this kind of exposure about the additional features for the new formats will be very key in them being accepted by mainstream consumers. Can we expect a day-and-date HD DVD/Blu-ray release for Superman Returns?

[Via MovieWeb]
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