iGo, Mapopolis, and TomTom navigation software compared

No doubt the top priority of anyone looking for a piece of navigation software for their Windows Mobile device is whether it'll get them from point A to point B without leading them astray; or worse still , leaving them stranded, having to rely on maps or -- gasp -- directions from strangers. Well, it looks like all three products tested by Brighthand from (iGo, Mapopolis, and TomTom) will manage to get you where you're going without much difficulty, but they did find some fairly significant differences between the trio. Perhaps the most striking is that iGo and TomTom use 3D maps, while Mapopolis goes at it in 2D -- whether that's cool with you comes down to personal preference, but the folks at Brighthand definitely dug the 3D ones more, finding them easier to follow. Where TomTom falls short is in the interface department, which basically looks like an early PalmPilot app. Still, that didn't stop them from giving the overall edge to TomTom, citing its reliability, accuracy, and useful extras like weather and traffic data. iGo is currently in beta but should be released in Europe shortly, while Mapopolis and TomTom are both available now for $100 and $150 respectively.