Klegg Mini: bigger size, same false advertising

Evan Blass
E. Blass|06.13.06

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Klegg Mini: bigger size, same false advertising
Despite the fact that the folks over at Anything But iPod already broke out their considerable math skills to refute the Klegg Mini's claim of being the world's smallest color MP3 player, the device's manufacturer is nonetheless using the same angle to promote the Mini's recently-announced 1GB upgrade. Best known as the DAP of choice for that diminutive star of the Austin Powers movies, the Mini doesn't get any new features along with the capacity bump scheduled for this summer, but apparently that 1-inch screen, 26-hour battery life, and compact design have made this model popular enough to warrant continued sales. Oh, and Klegg, even if you still haven't heard of the MPIO ONE player that exposed the fallacy of your boasts, you're sure not gonna be able to miss the minuscule, color screen MobiBlu Cube 2 once it begins showing up in thousands of Wal-mart stores and on millions of ears nationwide. So, like, you might want to take this opportunity to call up your ad agency and give them a head start on working towards a more truthful slogan.
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