Ask Engadget: Best videoconferencing solution for grandma/pa?

Ryan Block
R. Block|06.16.06

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Ask Engadget: Best videoconferencing solution for grandma/pa? image
Ask Engadget: Best videoconferencing solution for grandma/pa? image
You've got questions, and well, the rest of you have answers. That's right, it's time for Ask Engadget. You hit us up at ask at engadget dawt com with the questions you'd like your Engadget-reading peers to take on, and we'll let them sort it out in our comments. On the last Ask Engadget, which was admittedly a little while ago, Drew asked what the best Bluetooth mouse was available now.This week Eric wants to know:

I'm trying to find a truly simple videoconferencing solution to connect my elderly parent with me. I'm looking for something that, with a single button press (no mouse action, no clicking -- launch and configure from a keyboard shortcut even), will:
  • Establish a video call from point A to at least two other locations, simultaneously.
  • Use a sufficiently large screen and high-enough frame rate that facial expressions are visible to an older person without their glasses
  • Full-duplex audio
  • The ability to initiate a call from my location that auto-answers theirs, such that I appear on-screen without any intervention
There are obviously a lot of solutions out there for videoconferencing, but how many are really simple enough for someone not at all technically inclined on the other end? We'd be tempted to recommend the ill-fated Ojo, but we're sure you guys have some tricks up your sleeves.
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