InFlight USB Power Unit uses audio jack to give you juice

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InFlight USB Power Unit uses audio jack to give you juice
Unless you're one of the few, the proud who not only can manage to find a seat on an airplane with a power outlet, but can remember your adapter as well, you're probably like us and SOL when it comes to battery powered devices on long flights. That's why we're pretty stoked to see this InFlight USB Power Unit. The concept is pretty simple, but fairly ingenious. You just stick the mini jack of the Power Unit into your seat's headphone port and crank the volume. The device trickle charges for 3-5 minutes, and then can power a connected USB device for a minute, after which the cycle starts all over again. The $35 charger will work with small devices like an iPod, PDA or cellphone, and you can get the Power Gomadic TipExchange Bundle for $50, plus $5 for extra tips, to work with 700 different devices. We'd love to see if this thing can keep up with an iPod's rapid battery depletion, but you know the real reason we want this thing is to power our deco lights for a bit of home-away-from-home on those long flights.

[Via DailyTech]
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