Starfox Command screens and info

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David Hinkle
June 15, 2006 10:26 AM
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Starfox Command screens and info
Starfox Command screens and info
In their ongoing coverage of Starfox Command, Famitsu has revealed some interesting tidbits about the game as well as unveiled several new screenshots and game art. Turns out Fox is all alone now, with his comrades having gone on to greener pastures. With Falco off exploring the vast regions of space, Peppy taking up the role of a general, and Slippy having found the toad of his dreams, Fox continues to fight the good fight alone. This game also marks the return of Star Wolf.

Gameplay will be handled via two distinctly different modes. In the map mode, you're charged with using the stylus to trace out a route to your designation, encountering enemies along the way, which then takes you into the adventure mode where you can fly your plane and take out said enemies.
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