Dragon Age to get kissy with it

Dragon Age update

Sorcerer's Place recently posted a summary of the latest activity on BioWare's Dragon Ageforum, and a considerable amount of the discussion was focused on potential romantic encounters in the game. Lead Writer David Gaider explains:

"In terms of the animations themselves, I actually wanted a kiss in KotOR, but we just couldn't fit in the animation...We got the kissing animation in Jade Empire, and we'll have it for DA, but I doubt we'll get much more in the way of animations for that."

But it's not all physical, folks. Gaider continues: "I'm hoping that the romances will feel much more organic this time around...a series of dialogues and choices that builds the relationship between you and your NPC. But instead of building towards getting married and having babies, you're building towards a close friendship. We're also talking about being able to switch between that kind of friendship path and a romantic path for those characters which you can romance."

So if that special lady in your life gives you crap about spending hours in front of the computer after Dragon Age arrives, just tell her you're learning all about building meaningful and lasting relationships. She just might leave you alone.

One other note from the forums -- Dragon Age won't necessarily ship in 2007, despite what you may have read in GameSpot or PC Gamer. However, Mass Effect should be in stores this holiday season.

[via RPGDot]