First Metroid Prime Hunters statue revealed

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David Hinkle
June 16th, 2006
First Metroid Prime Hunters statue revealed
First Metroid Prime Hunters statue revealed
The kind gentleman of First 4 Figures dropped us a line, along with our superiors, letting us know that they have finally revealed the first in their long line of proposed collectible statues from the Metroid universe. Oddly enough, however, is that the debut collectible is not for everyone's favorite bounty huntress hunter Samus. No, instead we get Kanden.

The figures is looking sharp, even if it is not the finalized product. However, I've always felt you should always put your best foot forward, which would apply to First 4 Figures' debut collectible being one of the Samus variations. Featuring an interconnecting base that will allow Kanden to connect with other upcoming hunters, we're sure his first opponent will be none other than the blonde bombshell herself.
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