Today's wearable display: 22Moos VG-SD

Ryan Block
R. Block|06.16.06

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Today's wearable display: 22Moos VG-SD
All these wearable displays are starting to blend together, but 22Moo's new iPod glasses hope to capture some eyeballs with their impressively cheap VG-SD. The QVGA glasses supposedly have a 4-5 hour battery life, matching the resolution of your iPod and exceeding its expected video playback time; but like we said, the real draw here seems to be its price at $260 US. You just aren't seeing that kind of aggressive sticker that much right now on video glasses, but then again you're just not seeing people using them either. Why? Well, seriously, would you want to wear these things when you're out and about? If you would, well, stay tuned, we'll let you know when they launch.
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