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Apple, 50 Cent to develop budget PC?

Apple, 50 Cent to develop budget PC?
Evan Blass
Evan Blass|June 19, 2006 1:45 PM
Many people know that Steve Jobs is a Beatles fan, and his affinity for Irish rock group U2 is also no secret, but how many of you were aware that his Steveness is seemingly down with G-Unit? Well, maybe the Foolish Genius (thanks, Wu-Tang Name Generator) isn't exactly bumping "In Da Club" or "Candy Shop" on his many iPods, but Forbes is reporting that Apple is indeed in talks with G-Unit founder and multiple gunshot survivor 50 Cent about manufacturing a co-branded line of affordable computers targeted at inner-city families. Although there's been no word from Cupertino on such a project (big surprise), 50's manager Chris Lighty confirmed to Forbes (free online subscription required) that the two camps are in the midst of negotiations, complimenting the Apple founder on his business savvy and adding that the two men "get each other." When we contacted him about this story, Mr. Jobs had little to say about the company's future plans, but his suggestion that we "step off" or risk having a "cap busted" somewhere unpleasant makes us think that Forbes might just be on to something here.

[Via The Raw Feed and AllHipHop]
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