Microsoft unleashes the robots.

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Microsoft unleashes the robots.
Microsoft unleashes the robots.
Now that Microsoft has conquered entered the world of video games, there is only one logical next step. Robots, of course! According to PC World, Microsoft has decided to develop a software tool kit just for robotics. The software will allow robots to interface with Windows PCs, effectively giving Microsoft control of the impending Robot Apocalypse®. Of particular interest is the following excerpt:

"Microsoft's entry to the field is a vote of confidence that could accelerate the development of robots for industrial, service, and entertainment use."

Entertainment use? Could we finally see the next gen equivalent of R.O.B. the robot? Perhaps a robot to fetch beer refreshments when you're too busy killing other robots?

The possibilities are endless. A preview of the software is available now for the robot enthusiasts out there.

[Via Evil Avatar]

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