Apple updates Aperture and Pro Apps

Scott McNulty
S. McNulty|06.22.06

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Apple updates Aperture and Pro Apps
Apple updates Aperture and Pro Apps
Apple has updated Aperture to 1.1.2 though they haven't, at the moment, provided any details as to what the update does (at least not on their website).

Also lurking in your Software Update panel is the Pro Application Update 2006-01, which ' addresses several issues with underlying frameworks and shared components for Apple's professional applications and is strongly recommended for all users of:

  • Final Cut Studio Final Cut Pro 5.1
  • Motion 2.1
  • Soundtrack Pro 1.1
  • DVD Studio Pro 4.1
  • Shake 4.1
  • LiveType 2.1
  • Compressor 2.1
  • Apple Qmaster 2.1
  • Final Cut Express HD 3.5'
So get to updating, people!
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