Denon's AVC-A1XVA receiver, or a small car?

It really isn't too often we find ourselves covering home theater receivers, but then again it isn't really often a company like Denon launches such a grandiose receiver that it might sets you back £4,800 (about $8,850 US). It might please you to know that for that somewhat sizable chunk of change, Denon's new AVC-A1XVA will supply you with streaming internet radio, network accessible MP3 and WMA audio, a five port 1080p HDMI upscaler and splitter with HDCP, dual-room 5.1, what appears to be a rather nice display driven remote, and a whole host of other features we're probably not even beginning to scratch the surface of. Should be available later this month from Denon UK, though we've yet to receive word on domestic release -- though if you're even considering this, the possibility of importing it is probably not outside your means.