Venzero announces Venzero Mini One MP3 player

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Venzero announces Venzero Mini One MP3 player
Since no self-respecting MP3 player manufacturer can have put out a player without also dropping a mini version of it, Venzero's announced the Venzero Mini One to compliment the previously announced Venzero One. Like its bigger sibling, one of the big selling points of the Mini One is the included MusicMarker music recognition service, which'll let you identify music at the push of a button. Apart from that, the Mini One looks to be a pretty solid player, available in 1GB and 2GB varieties, with a 1.3-inch OLED screen and support for MP3s, WMA (including DRM10), and WAVs, as well as "player-specific video" (software for video conversion is included). As you can tell from the matchstick, the player is also rather minuscule, measuring 2.9 x 1.7 x 0.35-inches, and weighing a mere 0.98 ounces. With the small size, however, comes trade-offs, and the Mini One lacks the built-in USB On-The-Go port and retractable USB connector that made its larger sibling notable. Look for the player towards the end of July, although if you've gotta have it first, Venzero's now accepting pre-orders: $119 US for the 1GB and $169 for the 2GB.

[Via Venzero Elite]
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