The Herbi Smart Hydroponic Garden: Life support for plants

Keeping a plant alive should be simple for responsible adults such as ourselves, but one look at the greenhouse graveyard on our windowsill would suggest otherwise. Luckily, the Herbi Smart Hydroponic Garden knows exactly what your plants are craving, thus eliminating the guess work involved with feeding and watering. The device measures water levels, PH levels and nutrients in the soil of up to six attachable "silos" that can house just about any kind of household plant or herb you can throw at them. You can add supplies (water, fertilizer, etc.) to the device that will automatcially be distrubuted to the plants for up to a month. When something is running low an icon is lit up by a blue LED, letting you know exactly what you need to add in order to keep your plant from turning into compost prematurely. No word on pricing or availability yet, but we're hoping, for the sake of our wilting basil, that it's easier to get a hold of one of these than it was the elusive RFID-enable herbarium from Philips.