Security researchers hack laptop wireless driver

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Security researchers hack laptop wireless driver
A pair of security researchers claim they have discovered a means of seizing control of a laptop by exploiting some buggy code in the system's wireless device driver. Not surprisingly, they're keeping the deets of the hack close to their chest, waiting for the upcoming Black Hat USA 2006 conference in August to show off their handiwork to the teeming masses of geeks -- no doubt also giving manufacturers time to fix the problem. The only details that they have revealed is that they used the open-source 802.11 hacking tool LOREN (Lots of Radion Connectivity), which throws loads and loads of wireless packets at wireless cards to see what they can cause to fail, a technique known as "fuzzing." Apparently, a laptop user wouldn't even have to be connected to a network to be vulnerable to an attack; simply having it on and searching for a network is would be enough of an opening for someone so inclined to make your day miserable -- makes us glad we haven't cancelled our dial-up yet.

[Via Slashdot]
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