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Netgear and DS2's 200Mbps Powerline HD solution gets real

Close on the heels of XAVi's announcement earlier this month, the HD Powerline collaboration we told you about a few months ago from Netgear and DS2 (sorry HomePlug) has officially hit store shelves. The new HD ethernet adapter (HDX101) and networking kit (HDXB101), which are selling for $129.99 and $249.99 respectively, allow for data to be transferred at high speed through a building's existing electrical wiring. The step up in bandwidth and the video quality of service technology allow for real-time streaming of HD video and gaming content by prioritizing that data over everything else. It's good to finally see a networking solution with its priorities in line with our own. Now all we have to do is hope these can actually live up to the bandwidth hype, unlike some other Powerline devices we've seen in the past.

[Via WiFi Net News]