Ninety-Nine Nights to require Hard Drive? [update 2]

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Ninety-Nine Nights to require Hard Drive? [update 2]
Ninety-Nine Nights to require Hard Drive? [update 2]
The wisdom of releasing two Xbox 360 SKUs -- one with a hard drive and one without -- will be debated for years to come. Adding fuel to that constant flame will be things like this: highly anticipated games that require the Hard Drive. The Canadian page for Ninety-Nine Nights lists the Q Entertainment/Phantagram brawler as "Hard Drive Required." There's a couple potential explanations: It's the first one; see Update 2 below:
  • Some overzealous, click-happy worker bee got caught up in the moment and clicked one too many boxes. Oopsie.
  • The game actually does require a hard drive! The HDD-less Core system isn't even available in Japan so this requirement wouldn't have proven to be a burden for that audience ... that and the fact that not many folks are picking up 360s over there.
Seeing as how Microsoft obviously has a "Hard Drive Required" tag, we can logically deduce that some games are going to, in fact, require a hard drive. Problem is, why NNN? When the expansive Oblivion managed to get the deed done Core-style, why couldn't they?

We imagine Microsoft is reasonably sure that even those who did get stuck with a Core system due to holiday shortages have since outfitted it with the optional hard drive. But what about the gamers rocking 360s sans HDDs. Tough luck then?

[Via Gamer Andy]

[Update 1: The US page lists the vague requirement of  "Storage Device" while the Canadian page still lists "Hard Drive Required."]

[Update 2: Microsoft blogger Cesar Menendez over at Gamerscore checked in with the production team and reports back, "It's true, you'll be able to play this game and hack down hordes of enemies, with or without a hard drive. As for the confusion: I checked with the production team on this one, and the site was listed with "hard drive required" incorrectly - now it's fixed." He's right, it's all better. Looks like potential explanation number one was the winner! Congratulations!]
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