V-Phone: Vonage gets in the game

If you've been hankerin' for some Vonage-flavored VoIP-on-a-stick then listen up friend, because that sweet, cheap, SIP goodness is on the way. Announced by Vonage's very own Jeffrey Citron while on-stage at the TechEffect Convergence 2.0 show, this little red USB keychain can be plugged into any Internet connected PC for Vonage customers to make calls on the go. More details are expected this week but from the looks of that pic, we'll guess the device will feature an integrated mic and good ol' standard 3.5-mm jack for some hot headset-on-stick action. Yeah, not exactly a first, or even a distant second in this game but let's stay tuned anyway to see how Vonage plans to lead follow this Internet phone revolution.